the fuck / love club

big boy




It's kind of sad how you lie
About all the women on the side
You say it's your toothbrush,
And the wrapper from last time
Do they know I'm here tonight?
It's a fucking shame,
You know how to make them want you,
But can't take it when they fall for you.


Fuck your breakfast and coffees in the morning,
No more silence! I'm not done talking.
I'm pretty proud of myself.
For getting so over you
You're just a big boy looking for a new toy,
Never satisfied and never truly thrilled.
You might be able to love,
Have that deep dark dream fulfilled.


I know you want a family,
But you'll never make it
Unless you stop leaving cum on that blanket
Forget to wear protection?
Or fuck a girl with no control.
It'll be fucking accidental!
Ooh, did I hit a tiny nerve?
That first October, was I your first or I your third?


You hurt me really bad when you dumped me that one time,
And then the next, and the next, and again,
It’s fine!


I fucking dumped you too but no one else knows that,
Because I was the fool, and you're ‘the lovable brat’
Jokes on you you'll see I have taken plenty!
You never noticed I was all you needed.
I wrote a lot about you,
Not just this scathing rhyme,
But you'll finally pay attention
When I turn your rejection into dimes.


I wrote some lovely bullshit too,
About how in love I was with you
I was ready to stand by your side forever
But you weren't interested in making me better.
How often did you talk about yourself?
Do you even know that I was in ill health?


I know the names of all your family,
Can you remember the age difference between my sister and me?
What about my career and my aspirations?
You never supported them or came to my defense,
But if it sounded cool to others you'd sound off my praises.
But you never knew a single thing I'd done
Unless I took the time to phrase it


My mother didn't like you,
Neither did my friends
But I see something in you that is different.
I can see your soul; I know what you really want!
But you're so fucking selfish and put on a stupid front.
I'll keep saying it until something changes
You are your fucking father.
That's mean, isn't it?


Look in the fucking mirror.
No, really fucking look!
Make a couple notes,
Maybe you too could write a book.


But you’re trying to be sensible, keep it simple!
In time I'll look back on you as a blemish, a pimple
On my relationship and dating history.
I'm really fucking glad there is no you and me