the fuck / love club





You never bought me flowers though I wish you had tried.
Wish you could have given anything but my love, you denied.


A few dozen weeks I loved you hard,
Time I kept losing track.
Never once did you hold my hand,
A kiss on the neck was nothing once you bit me on the back.


The sounds of my world were different.
In you I found my greatness.
A love so strong I was content.
But the more I gave, the more I came up with less.


You fucked me good, and then fucked me over
With no regard for my patience.
And I still want you to be my lover.
Only to me does that make any sense.


You've lost respect, but not quite mine.
Twice you called us 'we'.
A lonely man down the line,
Only too late will you fucking see.


No one will ever be enough,
You think you have it all.
Avoiding the good and the rough,
To live a life without the fall.


You know love,
You're old enough,
You just fucking can't
Because it's too tough.


Get the hell over yourself,
My fears are no less.
I am not to be put on a shelf,
I am second to heaven at best


Loving you was not foolish
But a fool you made of me,
When you couldn't see
What a perfect match I could be.


I owe you nothing,
Experience is all I have.
And the idea that's lingering...
I was too much for you.


It wouldn't be the first time.
A lonely woman I have been for too long.
Loving men who couldn't love me back,
Returning to arms that never kept me warm


And when you turn your back on me when we sleep I break
Because in my soul I know,
That my heart is not yours to take... 


and perhaps you never considered me as anything more than a fun fucking time.