the fuck / love club





I am as stable as still water
Moveable, malleable, affected by the moon,
But wade able, swim able, sinking into you


I chose to sink into the ocean
It’s where I felt at home
Lost in this emotion
I felt okay on my own


Love drifted past me, in a fresh direction
But so too did your affection


I fell in love with you by the lake
The stars above us shining
But we lived amongst the city lights
And nature didn’t understand timing


Earth born and bound I came to you, a safe haven amongst the trees
But there were others, may I say; to cater to your desires


Given time I could have made you a home to rest your waters
Drenched in your love my soul would have given birth to flowers.
But the season changed and with it you heard the wind whisper fire
So to winters bed I laid my head as you left me for wildfire


The seasons will change three times and again you’ll be at my door
Knocking when your calmed waters need to run ashore
Despite my hopes you’ll leave forever and nevermore return
I’ll always take you back whenever it’s my turn


The world will turn and we will burn, casualties of desire
But you I love and live for, through water, earth, wind and fire.