the fuck / love club





Fell in love with a girl
She took me dancing­­­­
Made me see the lights
Felt like I was flying


Wanted her to stay
My feelings remain
The girl I fell in love with
High on cocaine


Lips sweeter than September
I saw the sun rise
Fear in her heart
Fire in her eyes


Hold me closer pretty dancer
I want to see through your lies
All the stories you sold me
When I laid by your side


Smoking in the moonlight
Found a retreat
Away from the girl with dancing feet


Wanted it to last
But it never stays long
In love with a girl
For a few hours strong


Then she leaves
Never intended to stay
A ride or die gal
Only for a day


I’ll see her again
Maybe too soon
When I’m feeling weak
Under a waning moon


Chasing the high
Of love at first sight
She destroyed me that night
As I took flight


It’ll never be the same
Not without her love
Or her pretty lies
Under her shrugs


But I’ll chase her until dawn
Trying to hide where I went wrong


Replacing one love
With the next
Until I no longer feel
So empty in my chest