the fuck / love club





I'm so tired
The lack of love infuriates me
Scared to feel anything so all they do is leave
Touching my body only until it matters
Staying in my bed long enough but not too long that we become us
Happy to hold my hand until you can fuck me in the ass
But as soon as you do the handholding doesn't last


I'm so fucking tired
Because what you say means something to me
Taking your words at face value
Believing every line to be true
Trusting the way you treat me
But, you leave


Has it already been three weeks?
How did they all get the memo?
All these men keep my body in their bed for twenty-one days and one moment
And like daybreak you leave when I wake


I'm tired of being appreciated, and left with I’ll call again soon
I'm fucking tired of being loved for what I am and not whom
I'm fucking tired, so fucking tired of being replaceable at the hands of these men
I am so fucking tired, don’t call me your fucking friend


This city, these bodies, these scared souls
Have bruised my little courage to fall
Why make any effort?
Why try at all?
To be fucked and dumped the same week
I’m so fucking tired
Go on, fucking leave


Fuck excitement
I can't be bothered daydreaming of your face
I’ll just carry on to the next new few
But whether you sensed it, is on you
So just know
I only wanted to love you